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Our Partners

  • Brilliant Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. of Foshan City (the largest decorative light manufacturers)
  • Foshan Aerospace Stainless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. (stainless steel tube famous brand)
  • Foshan Ming Chen Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (the decorative tube)
  • Guangdong Wan Group Co., Ltd. (chimney, the gas pipe)
  • Division of Guangdong Midea Group, microwave oven (barbecue the furnace tube)
  • Guangdong Dong Ling Group Xinbao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (the world's largest kettle manufacturers)
  • Libby heating tube (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (world's third largest heat pipe manufacturer)
  • Grand River Group Haojue motorcycle (500 most valuable brands in China, the enterprise 500)
  • Nanjing Yongjin Pipe Co., Ltd. (to drain)
  • Guangzhou Pierre Stainless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. (the bellows)
  • Jilin Province fountain Co., Ltd. (fluid tube co-operation)
  • Far Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. (fluid pipe co-operation)
  • Kunshan East Asia Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. (industrial supervisory cooperation)
  • Jiangsu Suntory Group (oil, nuclear power tube)
  • Shenzhen Xin Sheng Kun titanium tube manufacturer (titanium tube co-operation)
  • Jinyuan Industrial (International) Limited (polygon supervisory cooperation)
  • The Acacia Building Services (NT), Pty Ltd. (Australia products supervisory cooperation)
  • The tnan Kiet, Technolory CO., LTD (Vietnam decorative tube cooperation)